Airbrush using tips:

Please see the below steps as reference for airbrush using:

1, Attach the power cord to the mini compressor and plug it into an outlet

2, Connect the air hose to the mini compressor

3, Connect the other side of the air hose to the gun connector

Remember not spray so quickly. You need to slow down to get a excellent atomization. And remember take a rest for the airbrush compressor as you have been using around 30 minutes.

Now, here is the airbrush gun. The gun has a trigger, a needle that is protected by the needle cap, a hose connector, and a cup. It also has a lot of technical stuff on the inside, you will get an airbrush manual when buy the gun.

IGO airbrush gun

Now for the colors. Drop the makeup ink into airbrush cup, start add a drop at a time to your cup.

Turn on compressor and bring airbrush gun up to 4-6 inches to the target, then press the button and pull the trigger, the ink will come out. The more you pull the trigger, the faster the spray of ink will come out.

After using the gun, remember to clean the airbrush nozzle and needle within a airbrush cleaning pot, if you not clean the nozzle, it is possible blocked for its nozzle, if that happen, it means that the airbrush gun need to replace a new nozzle.

So, get an economical airbrush gun, start to enjoy the airbrush painting.