1. In this article, we would be discussing more about why choose Airbrush makeup and why it is a much better option than other type of makeups.

2. Most of the women when they apply some makeup apply it either with a brush or hand, but now you have a better option in the form of airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is applied with the help of a special wand and this is the reason that airbrush makeup is much better than other type of makeups. It is completely different than other type of makeup and this can be easily seen in its finishing touches as well. Also, many people might not know this, but the quantity of foundation which is required in airbrush makeup is pretty low and hence it is a healthier option for the skin when you compare it with other type of makeups. Also, since the foundation is mixed with water, the look is more natural than other type of makeups.

3. The main reason why many women prefer it is because of the fact that the amount of foundation which is required is pretty low and hence due to this, it is less harsh on the skin and it doesn’t affect the skin negatively. Also, since it is mixed with water and applied, the look is pretty uniform and hence it looks more subtle when compared to other type of makeups.

4. Also, due to the presence of large amount of water in the makeup, the foundation dries very quickly and stays in place for longer than other type of makeups. Also, you can opt for 2 different types of foundations depending on your skin type,one is based on water and another one is based on silicon.the one which you choose entirely depends on the type of your skin. The silicon foundation is more for a radiant look whereas the water based foundation provides you a more subtle look.

why choose airbrush makeup